Solid Surface – Warm and Inviting, the Perfect Blend Between Hard and Soft!

Find your dream countertops in colours and textures that work for your home.

Solid Surface Countertops are available in 3 compositions: Pure Acrylic, Pure Polyester, and Acrylic Polyester Blends. All are non-porous and safe for food contact without supporting the growth of bacteria/mold/mildew. This also makes the material easy to maintain and incredibly stain resistant.

Solid Surface countertops are warmer to the touch than granite or quartz and also reflect less light. They have impeccable integration and points of transition.

Ever wanted to get rid of the silicone around your sink and meeting your backsplash? Solid surface is the answer! With fully integrated sinks and coving options you can eliminate the maintenance of silicone. And, did I mention the seams – when you see it installed you will ask yourself, what seams?

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