Quartz – Natural Beauty

Quartz – Natural Beauty

Quartz is not only beautiful, but extremely durable and strong too! It is the perfect surface for heavy use and is scratch resistant and nonporous.

Quartz is engineered with pure quartz crystals, combined with a bonding agent and pigment. It is this recipe that creates a non-porous material with a consistent appearance from slab to slab.

Unlike its hard and shiny counterparts, granite and marble, what you see is what you get. You can purchase with peace of mind knowing your custom kitchen will look like the sample. No searching for that perfect slab!

Did we mention Quartz is twice as strong as granite!? Hate the idea of maintenance? Quartz might be the perfect solution for you! It does not require sealing, polishing or reconditioning to maintain its lustre. And when you thought it couldn’t get much better let’s add that it is extremely stain and scratch resistant, minimizing short and long-term maintenance.

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